Monday, 21 November 2011

African Queen: an African Dream

African Queen – a collaboration between Hertex Fabrics and interior designer Nthabi Taukobong – is not only about fabrics. This collection symbolises a celebration of colour, focusing on the richness, release and freedom of the creative process.
"I am finally embracing colour and allowing myself not to be confined to follow predetermined rules," says Nthabi. Hertex Fabrics is proud to partner with Nthabi on this journey of exploration.

"Hertex is a young, dynamic company with their finger on the industry's pulse in a locally and globally changing context. African Queen features a new democracy, a unity of cultures and is a celebration of the beautiful country we live in. It is an explosion of the unlimited colour in our everyday encounters," says Nthabi.

"African Queen is an acknowledgment that we are all descendants of kings and queens. We are together celebrating the jewels that we are and are unapologetic about how bright and wonderful our lives are on this continent. As the saying goes: once Africa has captured your heart, it never lets you go."

Colour schemes reflect the richness of the African continent, with golden yellow, duck egg blue, midnight blue, rich berry, earthy chocolate, dessert beige and coal black.

About Nthabi
Nthabi grew up in Soweto and Durban and spent a year in Calgary, Canada as a youth Ambassador for South Africa. Her National Diploma in Interior Design was completed at Natal Technikon where she showed a distinct passion for hotel projects.

Nthabi's first job was with Wilson & Associates where she gained the foundation of her hotel design experience. After a 3 year tenure, Nthabi decided to venture out on her own and started Moago Interiors, focusing on the leisure market and high end residential and corporate interiors.

It was in 2005 that her current business, Ditau Interiors, was formed. In the 10 years Nthabi has been running the interior design company, Ditau Interiors' extensive project portfolio has seen her design for royalty, deputy presidents and top CEO's and directors in South Africa.

Hertex Fabrics is proud to collaborate with her on African Queen.

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