Sunday, 4 September 2011

The web is full of treasure

At Fabric and Textile warehouse we're constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ways to bring value to you, our loyal customers. Whether it's trawling the far reaches of Indo-China to uncover the latest in beautiful, durable fabrics you'll love, or surfing the web to find the best guides and tutorials to help you make the most of what you've got - we're doing it!

Learn to create your own patterns.
This week we've had a lot of fun reading the blogs of like-minded folks who enjoy working with fabric and textiles as much as we do, and love to share their ingenuity with us. This week's find is Sewing Tutorials.On this blog you can find a tutorial for just about everything there is to know about sewing. From button holes to embellishments, tools of the trade to inserting zippers, they've got it covered. Why not stop by and have a look?

Don't forget: your nearest Fabric & Textile Warehouse has everything you need to achieve sewing success. Visit us for tools, notions, fabrics, patterns and good advice. Or email

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